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On a recent trip to Indonesia I was lucky to visit some remote and pristine islands practically untouched by humans. In a stark contrast others have been totally transformed by growing populations and pollution. We cant help but be confronted and compelled to question our throwaway society and the destruction we have on the environment and how it effects wildlife.

‪marine‬ ‪conservation‬ ‪‎lesson‬ ‪showing‬ the ‪kids‬ ‪bali‬ attempt at ‪protecting‬ ‪baby‬ ‪turtles‬ that have been laid on the ‪beaches‬ in ‪sanur‬‪ collected‬ ‪hatched‬ and ‪releasing‬ back to the ‪ocean‬. Only chance they would have considering the beaches have been taken over by ‪people‬ and ‪resorts‬.. ‪Goodluck‬ ‪little turtles‬ they will need it.