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Preschool & Early Learning Incursions

During their first five years, the development of young children is said to be more rapid than at any other stage of their lives.

As children grow and discover the world around them, learning about other living things is one of the most profound and engaging stages of their development.

With our lives so overwhelmed by technology, and as we seemingly become more and more removed from nature, our programs are a perfect way to help enlighten children to the wonders of nature, by developing a connection, appreciation and awareness of other living things and their environment.

Children will be mesmerised, enthralled and excited to see a wide range of animals up close and personal. Children’s senses will be engaged during our presentations with a focus on touching, hearing and smelling. Our education approach ensures that the children learn amazing facts about the features and behaviours of our animals, their needs, how they develop and information about their habitats.

Naturally children are inquisitive towards animals, so a positive and nurturing hands-on introduction can help support them whilst they learn more about themselves and how they can safely interact with, and be part of, the world around them.

Our incursions ensure children can experience live animals in the comfort and safety of a familiar environment.

Programs ideal for pre-school and early learning levels:

How we deliver our quality live wildlife incursions safely and ethically.

Our animals are hand-reared, bred in captivity and then carefully selected to ensure they can be safely transported for a wildlife experience. Children will be gently encouraged and instructed how to handle the animals with the assistance of our experienced wildlife demonstrators. Our aim is to create a positive and safe experience for both the children and the animals.

WildlifeXposure’s interactive wildlife incursions are delivered by experienced, qualified wildlife handlers and educators. Our programs guarantee all children will be included and will have the opportunity to hold, touch, learn and experience wildlife first hand.

We pride ourselves on our ethical treatment of our animals and the work they do as ambassadors for their wild counterparts is extremely important. The wellbeing of our animals is paramount, and we maintain a high level of care and consideration of our animals across all of our presentations.

Our requirements

To ensure comprehensive all-inclusive quality programs we have a maximum limit of 30 children per hour session.

We are very flexible and will work with you to ensure you get the educational experience you desire.

Ideally, we require:

  • A clear space for children to sit in a single semi-circle format
  • An area roughly 3m x1m for our animals and our poster boards

At previous incursions we have delivered our sessions in classrooms, school halls and undercover outdoor areas.

Ideally when running multiple sessions, setting up in the one area on-site works best with the children coming to us for each session.

Bookings & Payment

Bookings are best made over the phone or by email. Once a booking is confirmed we will send a written confirmation via email with an invoice to follow with all payment and booking information.

Payment is due on the day of incursion and can be made over the telephone or online via credit card or direct debit transfer.

Cancellations must be made within 7 days prior to the booked date of the incursion in writing sent to [email protected], or full payment is required.


  • 1 hour interactive presentation cost $550+GST
  • 2 presentations cost $850+GST
  • 3 presentations cost $1100+GST
  • 4 presentations cost $1350+GST
  • 5 presentations cost $1550+GST

Melbourne Metro, Geelong & Ballarat prices 2022

We can offer shorter half hour sessions for children under 3 when booking one or more one-hour sessions.

Please do not hesitate to contact us directly if you have any queries.

Each program offers a specific ecological focus.

We specialise in tailoring our wildlife experiences to suit any occasion.