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Making a Difference

‘The Australian bush is a place of outback wonders and rugged beauty. Bush Heritage is an independent not-for-profit that buys and manages land, and partners with Aboriginal people, so we can protect our irreplaceable landscapes and our magnificent native species forever’

If you are interested to learn more about Bush Heritage and the conservation science work they do please click on the picture below.

Conservation action

At WildlifeXposure we are all about making a real positive difference to the environment. We live this everyday inspiring people through our programs to nurture nature while caring for our animals and the habitats of the wildlife around us. We are always trying to find more sustainable low impact ways to run our business and give back.

Our property is not only home to our animals its also part of a remnant bush wildlife corridor that is vital habitat to many species of native flora and fauna. With land clearing and urbanisation spreading, loss of habitat is the single biggest threat to wildlife.
We work hard to control weeds and feral pests in an attempt to preserve habitat and support local biodiversity in our little patch.

We continually invest in planting indigenous native plants helping maintain our natural bush setting for the wildlife in our care and restore habitat for local wildlife that also call WildlifeXposure HQ home.