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Children’s wildlife birthday parties

WildlifeXposure’s Native animal children’s wildlife birthday parties are unique and guaranteed to mesmerise, entertain and inspire children and others to better understand and appreciate wildlife. Presenting wildlife for over 15 years, I still truly enjoy watching the children’s faces light up with fascination and wonderment when meeting our animals.

Children’s wildlife birthday parties are the perfect way of  incorporating education and learning in a fun and interactive way while creating life long memories, with photos to match. Wildlife Xposure’s parties are not just any old reptile party or wildlife show, we have a diverse selection of birds, mammals, reptiles & amphibians presented by our highly skilled, enthusiastic, passionate and vibrant wildlife presenters.

Organising a birthday for your child can be difficult and at times overwhelming, our children’s wildlife birthday parties can take some of the hassle away by providing some educational entertainment, some wild invitations and amazing experiences. It’s not every day you can look into the eyes of an owl, juggle a giant python with your friends, smile at a crocodile and pat a possum all in the comfort and safety of your own home.

WildlifeXposure’s animals are ambassadors helping to change the world one party at a time.