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Workplace Corporate Encounters

Workplaces rely on the successful and often dynamic interaction between a range of business units most often with a focus on efficiency and sustainability. This is not dissimilar to how our eco-system operates across our planet with the required interplay between our environment, animals and resources.

Through engaging with our wildlife we can observe the different skills, instincts and behaviours of a wide range of animals to explore how they have adapted to be able to thrive in ever changing climates and extreme conditions. Resilience, as a skill, is becoming more and more of a focus in todays corporate environment.

If you are looking for a different, unique and challenging experience to give your staff or for a VIP event, we can design a bespoke wildlife encounter to suit your needs. Whether it is a culture/team building exercise or employment engagement opportunity, we specialise in meet-and-greet wildlife interactions showcasing a selection of Australia’s magnificent animals and providing wonderful photo opportunities for individuals and teams.

We can deliver team building workshops and exercises to help strengthen organisational cultures. Your staff can have a personalised up-close encounter with rare and unique wildlife which they will never forget. Your team can safely smile at a crocodile, cuddle a dingo, drape a python around their neck, stare in to the eyes of an owl or laugh with a kookaburra.

We can also assist with wildlife focused brand activation marketing campaigns, product launches and promotional photo shoots, particularly those designed to promote environmental awareness.

These are just some examples of the broad range of services we offer.

Please call or email us today if you have any questions or to discuss specific needs and requirements.