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Xavier Morello

My Story

Hi my name is Xavier Morello, I am the owner operator of Wildlife Xposure.

Animals and the environment have always captivated me.

My first pet was a blue tongue lizard named Reivax. From there my childhood fascination became an obsession and continued to develop and grow into a lifelong passion.

I am an avid outdoors enthusiast and passionate wildlife advocate. Completing studies in photography and wildlife handling, I have almost 20 years experience in wildlife education and the adventure eco tourism industry, working as a wildlife interpreter and dive guide, surf and snorkeling instructor, senior curator/ zookeeper and public wildlife demonstrator. In this time I have experienced unique parts of our country and have been privileged to work with a wide range of native animals and have gained extensive experience educating people and children of all ages. I have experince working in the media appearing on channel 7, 9 and the ABC news and in a wildlife series on ABC me back in 2011.

Visual arts and nature photography are among other interests of mine and wildlife has always been my muse. My aim is to share my passion and experiences with others and expose them to wildlife, educating and inspiring a better understanding and appreciation for wildlife and the environment. I hope to encourage people to get out there, explore, experience and value our living world.

My Wife Madeleine and our two sons Jacques, Luca and I share our home with our two beloved dingoes, Khan and Cinder, along with many other native creatures, and in my spare time I try to get “out there” experiencing our great country, photographing and learning about wildlife with my family.

The future of our environment and its unique and diverse wildlife lies in the hands of the younger generations. I hope that by educating children on the wonders of nature will motivate them to protect and conserve the planet’s natural wonders in years to come. I believe it’s vital to promote a deeper understanding and empathy for wildlife if we wish to protect and conserve its diversity.

My mission is to raise conservation awareness, by providing programs that are designed to make ecological science and wildlife awareness exciting fun and engaging. Allowing children and others the opportunity to get up close and personal with unique wildlife and have an interactive experience they won’t forget.

“Get in touch with nature”