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Conservation Education With X Factor

WildlifeXposure is a leading specialist in mobile live interactive native animal incursions, displays and presentations throughout Melbourne, Geelong and broader regional Victoria.
Xavier’s fascination and experience with animals has driven WildlifeXposure to become one of the most successful interactive educational wildlife incursion providers servicing Victoria.

“WildlifeXposure is more than just a mobile zoo that brings animals direct to you. We are a family business that offers a boutique, immersive wildlife experience.”


WildlifeXposure programs

We deliver exceptional educational programs showcasing a unique and diverse range of native Australian wildlife up close. Each program offers a specific ecological focus and covers a range of study topics and learning levels that align with and complement the Victorian education curriculum, from preschool and foundation through to level 10 and VCE.
Our engaging, exciting, action packed presentations provide opportunities to explore, experience and learn about wildlife first hand. Programs can be tailored to meet specific requirements. See our services.

Native Animals

Marine Life

Creepy Crawlies

Biodiversity &

Vulnerable & Endangered Species

Life Cycles &

Wildlife presented with passion, knowledge and experience

“Our mission is to open people’s eyes to the magic and wonderment of nature. We want to provide the opportunity to personally connect with wildlife, to educate, and to inspire a better appreciation for all living things and their environments.

We encourage people to ‘get out there’ in nature and to make a difference – to explore, experience, value and protect our living world.”

Our Services

WildlifeXposure can deliver a range of wildlife experiences from educational school incursions and birthday parties, to workplace corporate encounters and public events. We have your wildlife needs covered!
We specialise in tailoring our wildlife experiences to suit any occasion.
Our staff are professional, experienced and, most important of all, truly passionate about their work with native Australian animals.
WildifeXposure prides itself on delivering fun, entertaining, educational, safe, ethical, responsible and sustainable native animal experiences throughout Melbourne, Geelong and regional Victoria.

Thank you so much for your rich, entertaining and interactive presentations to our students last week. They were well received and appreciated by our students, their families and teachers alike. Watching the students' faces light up each time that you help up a sea creature was fabulous. In our follow up lessons the students have been able to share knowledge learnt using the rich vocabulary that you used to describe the animals and their habitats.
We are ever so grateful that you joined with us to bring some joy and entertainment into remote schooling.

Vanessa Machado - Discovery Centre Leader (Year 1/2)Bethany Catholic Primary School

For the preps the incursion was the right amount of time, the presenter tried to make it as engaging as possible and for the first 'real' attempt at an incursion, it worked really well.
This incursion was a driver of our HASS unit and would have been exceptional onsite. Although remote the experience was still engaging and easy for students to access. It was a great success we loved every bit of it! It was excellent!
Brandon pitched the content at the perfect level for this age group. He sensed when it was time to move on to the next animal and was receptive to their comments, reactions and questions. I would recommend we do this as a future incursion for Prep students.
Thanks you so much again for being so awesome and easy to work with!!

Prep teachers at Northern Bay CollegeGeelong

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the interactive programs we received over the past 2 days for our children. Brandon as always is such a wonderful presenter and had us all totally captivated throughout. Seeing the native animals up so close was amazing. We could see such detail. Keep up the great work.

NadineGray Court Preschool

What an incredible incursion! We all LOVED it. Teachers as well as students.
We thought Xavier was fantastic. We applaud him for doing 3 sessions in a row. That was huge! Xavier was extremely engaging, with a wealth of knowledge. The variety of animals was also great.
Ashlee grade 2 teacher Newport Lakes - Here are what some of the kids say about our LIVE ZOO ZOOMS:
Emily - "Xavier did great because he was handling those animals so carefully and not letting them get hurt. I think that everyone should try it out. You get to see animals, learn facts and get to have fun with Xavier the animal keeper!"
Hassan - "The wild life excursion was so fantastic and we got to see so many cool animals."
Minnie - "The wildlife incursion host Xavier taught us really brilliant facts about lots of animals around the world. My favourite was the fruit bat. It was so calm!"
Edwin - "It was so awesome seeing so many Australian animals at once. Thank you!"
Layla - "Xavier was the BEST! He told us about loads of animals. I loved when the owl flew to the screen and the green frog looked really sticky. 10/10 incursion. Thank you Xavier!"

Grade 2 studentsNewport Lakes Primary

Hi Xavier,
Just wanted to thank you for yesterdays presentation at Naranga school. The students came this morning still buzzing from the experience and can't stop talking about it. It complimented our unit of study perfectly, it was hands on which is how our students learn best and delivered right at their level of understanding. Thanks again and hope to see you at Naranga school again in the future.

Anne-Maree NicholsonCurriculum Leader Naranga School

Dear Xavier,
I just wanted to send you an email thanking you for coming out to Kardinia childcare and Kindergarten. It was absolutely wonderful to have you come and teach the children about native Australian animals.
There were many lovely comments given to me from staff members that were passing by listening to the show. Everyone, including myself and the staff in the kinder room, were very impressed at your excellent interactive skills with the children. You sure did make it a very exciting and fun filled incursion. The children were talking about it all day and loved telling their parents when they came to collect them!
Thanks again!

Miranda PidhainiKardinia childcare and Kindergarten

Hi Xavier and Madeline,
I wish to express our appreciation for your recent Native Animals: Jaws, Claws, Scales & Tails presentation. You are professional, engaging and informative and your ability to build a strong rapport with Kindergarten children throughout the duration of the hour is remarkable. The Kindergarten children gained an outstanding educational experience. Thank you. Please see below positive feedback from a parent.

Lisa Cull, Kindergarten TeacherCity Learning & Care Drysdale

Russell had me in stiches tonight telling me all the things he learned today when they had ‘the animal man’ visit Kinder. I’m amazed at how much he remembers and how many of the facts are correct! I overheard him telling his Auntie that there was a bearded dragon but we were not to worry because it wasn’t a real dragon and it didn’t breathe fire. When Russell’s Auntie told him she wanted one, he explained that only ‘bush keepers’ are allowed to own them. Russell was also very impressed by the lizard (stumpy tail) that tricked birds by having a tail that looked like a head. I feel so blessed that my child is so engaged and excited to attend Kinder every day. Thank you.

Jessica Chakir (Russell’s Mum)

Thank You for the WONDERfilled experience we all enjoyed at LoLa's Birthday this morning, Xavier. You made all the little people aware of & more interested in the beautiful Creatures we share our environments & gardens with.
Thanks for sharing your M A G I C

Carla Afrika Fleming Sitar

A big thank you to xavier for a great experience had by Austin and all his family and friends at his 7th birthday party his knowledge and interaction with the kids was fantastic highly recommended for any kids party definitely cheers

Troy Gaylard

Would just love to say a Huge thank you to Xavier who came to my son Oakley's 5th birthday party today. The kids just loved you and all your animals. Can't highly recommend you and your business enough. Cheers

Terez Annis

Thank you Xavier for your visit to St Andrews kindergarten this morning. My son has not stopped talking about his experience he learnt so much, which means you must have delivered a pretty age appropriate explanation of things! Although I wasn't there I know my child has had a day at kinder he will never forget! He also knows that the frog feels like jelly and is cold blooded!

Abbey DaggSt Andrews kindergarten

Thank u Xavier for the two incursions this week. The children have loved it and have not stopped talking about the sea creatures. You kept the children fully engaged and took such wonderful care of our special needs children. I would recommend your programs to everyone. We are already looking forward to seeing your animals again next year.

Belinda Niezen

Thank you for visiting Goodstart Belgrave Heights today. The children and educators were totally captivated, a brilliant show and experience for all. Fantastic fun!

Karen PtaszenskiGoodstart Belgrave Heights

I just wanted to say a big thank you to Xavier from Wildlife Xposure!! My 4yr old apparently met him (a crab/ spider/ sea star...) at Kinder today and has NOT stopped talking about all the wonderful creatures he wants to help rescue like "Xavier".. Brodie has found a spikey pom-pom in our craft box and is carrying it around telling everyone he saves animals! LOL I'm so amazed at how many things he has been taught and very pleased to have such a positive role model spreading the news about our wildlife. Keep up the sensational work guys!

Sarah Jade

Making a difference

While we know our programs make a difference everyday through our positive conservation messages we also take our broader environmental responsibilities as a business seriously.
We support real conservation projects happening around Australia, partnering with Bush Heritage we donate a portion of our proceeds every month going directly towards on the ground conservation works protecting habitats for our unique and precious Australian wildlife.

Happy world ocean day. 💙

Photo @emilieunderwaterphotography
Did you know a crustacean could be so stunningly coloured. This species is appropriately named the ornate crayfish.
Found a snake on the road, it wasn’t a dangerous one. Please look out for wildlife even the slithery ones when traveling on the road across this great land.
This friendly loggerhead was an absolute thrill for us to see and swim with at the Ningaloo marine sanctuary. 

This one will be a great experience to share in a turtle episode of wild kidz vidz. 
Loggerheads are listed as endangered due to a number of environmental pressures such as coastal developments, commercial fishing, and introduced predators such as pigs and foxes that eat their eggs.

This old chap would have seen some things in its years. Had a shark bite shape out of one side of  the back right of his shell and a bit of his back flipper missing. 
Ahhh just a small inconvenience in the life of a sea turtle. 💪🏼💪🏼
Looking for wombat clues with Jacques and Dom. Discovering who we share our surroundings with and doing a little nature exploration is always heaps of fun with kids. It’s often even more exciting than the playground. 😉

Thinking we need to get back to finishing a few new WILD KIDZ VIDZ. 
We do have some episodes in the making so stay tuned.
Packed up camp in the rain this morning and planed to spend most of the day in the car due to the bad weather. 
As we traveled across south WA today we were extremely lucky to see a flock of Australia’s rarest cockatoos. While we were excited to see the birds it was also worrying seeing them so close to the road watching trucks and cars fly by. Watching them feed on the side of the road made us think what was it they were feeding on I later realised from seeing another post from @black_cockatoo_crisis that is was from a silage spill from trucks going by and is a common occurrence on this stretch of road that puts the birds in further danger with manny getting hit, killed and injured. 
 The Carnaby’s black cockatoos are endangered and sadly they are believed to go extinct in the wild, likely in our kids lifetime. 

After shoeing them away from the road but only briefly as they would circle back. I wondered off into the bush to snap a few pics and spend a little time with the flock before some kites flew in and scared them off. 
While I was watching them surrounded by their calls it really hit home how tragic it is to think of this place without them. 😔 
So sad…
Ripper day out on @_dolphinswims with our team of legends minus only one.
Little bit of spider appreciation. Thanks @blacksnakeproductions
Winnie sitting pride and place at government house. 

Koalas need extra special treatment like this all across the country. 
Their habitats and wild populations need to be better protected. 
Let’s hope Winnie’s presence in such a prestigious place inspire some urgency in helping to better protect our iconic wildlife and unique biodiversity.
Adam from @lunavans_ dropped by today and had a brief encounter with Flash our NT frilly.. Flash always gets a reaction. 
Thanks for stopping by mate love ya work. If you’re planning a trip or just love touring around this great land check out @lunavans_ for some quality craftsmanship and epic set ups.