WildlifeXposure is a leading specialist in mobile live interactive native animal incursions, displays and presentations throughout
Melbourne, Geelong and broader regional Victoria.

Xavier’s fascination and experience with animals has driven WildlifeXposure to become one of the most successful interactive educational wildlife incursion providers servicing Victoria. 

“WildlifeXposure is more than just a mobile zoo that brings animals direct to you. We are a family business that offers a boutique, immersive wildlife experience.”

WildlifeXposure programs

We deliver exceptional educational programs showcasing a unique and diverse range of native Australian wildlife up close.
Each program offers a specific ecological focus and covers a range of study topics and learning levels that align with and complement the Victorian education curriculum, from preschool and foundation through to level 10 and VCE.
Our engaging, exciting, action packed presentations provide opportunities to explore, experience and learn about wildlife first hand.
Programs can be tailored to meet specific requirements. See our services.

Making a difference

While we know our programs make a difference everyday through our positive conservation messages we also take our broader environmental responsibilities as a business seriously.
We support real conservation projects happening around Australia, partnering with Bush Heritage we donate a portion of our proceeds every month going directly towards on the ground conservation works protecting habitats for our unique and precious Australian wildlife.

Wildlife presented with passion, knowledge and experience

“Our mission is to open people’s eyes to the magic and wonderment of nature. We want to provide the opportunity to personally connect with wildlife, to educate, and to inspire a better appreciation for all living things and their environments.

We encourage people to ‘get out there’ in nature and to make a difference - to explore, experience, value and protect our living world.''


Our Services

WildlifeXposure can deliver a range of wildlife experiences from educational school incursions and birthday parties, to workplace corporate encounters and public events. We have your wildlife needs covered!
We specialise in tailoring our wildlife experiences to suit any occasion.
Our staff are professional, experienced and, most important of all, truly passionate about their work with native Australian animals.
WildifeXposure prides itself on delivering fun, entertaining, educational, safe, ethical, responsible and sustainable native animal experiences throughout Melbourne, Geelong and regional Victoria.

WildlifeXposure LIVE Online Programs

While temporarily we cannot deliver our hands-on incursions due to the restrictions around COVID-19, we are now offering interactive LIVE virtual classes for students presented from our private wildlife sanctuary facilities.

Preschool & Early Learning Incursions

As children grow and discover the world around them, learning about other living things is one of the most profound and engaging stages of their development. Our programs are a perfect way to help enlighten children to the wonders of nature.


Exploring and learning about nature, living things and the environment in the classroom doesn’t get more engaging. We transform an everyday lesson into a truly unique and real life memorable hands on student learning experience.


Biological and ecological science incursions that are designed to excite, engage and challenge students. Guaranteed to transform any science class or prac study into a real life first hand wildlife learning experience.

Holiday Programs

Keeping children entertained, excited and learning through the holidays can be a challenge. We offer a unique range of activities for out of school care, holiday programs, libraries, markets, shopping centres and caravan holiday parks.

Age Care Presentations

Our programs are a perfect way to awaken the inner child in all of us, we make wildlife accessible for everyone. Our mobile presentations bring wildlife to you giving older less mobile people the opportunity to have a new experience in comfort or provoke a wildlife memory from the past.

Special Needs Programs

Children with special needs experience and learn about the world around them the same way as all of us, although at times we understand this can be difficult. The visual, tactile hands on qualities of our programs make them an ideal way to engage and allow students to have a safe, memorable, enjoyable wildlife learning experience.


If you are looking for a different, unique and challenging experience to give your staff or for a VIP event, culture/team building exercise, employment engagement opportunity, or marketing campaign, we can design a bespoke wildlife encounter to suit your needs.

Events, Festivals & Displays

WildlifeXposure stands out in the crowds with our live animal displays and famous stage presentations guaranteed to be a huge hit at any event. The WildlifeXposure marquee always draws the biggest crowds and it’s fair to say our animals steal the show.


Having experience previously presenting on television and radio with live animals gives us an edge. Our knowledge and professionalism allows us to deliver a smooth and seamless service when working in a range of different media platforms.


Our birthday parties are jam-packed full of amazing animals. Go wild and have a birthday party that’s animal amazing, transform your child’s party in to a memorable wildlife experience. Your child’s party will be the talk of the playground!
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Areas we service:

Melbourne and all surrounding suburbs, Geelong the Bellarine and Mornington Peninsulas, Surf Coast, Colac, Bendigo, Ballarat, Warrnambool, Gippsland and Greater regional Victoria.