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Events, Festivals & Displays

WildlifeXposure prides itself on facilitating hands-on contact with Australia’s wildlife to grow appreciation and understanding of our amazing animals. We really enjoy supporting people’s natural curiosity when it comes to wildlife and animals.

WildlifeXposure’s live animal displays and interactive presentations are guaranteed to be a huge hit at any event. We have an eye-catching WildlifeXposure marquee and our animals always steal the show!

Our enthusiastic wildlife presenters deliver exciting and informative interactive presentations showcasing a diverse range of native animals. WildlifeXposure’s famous stage shows always draw in the biggest crowds wherever we go!

We find that everyone loves the great photo opportunities. You can safely smile at a crocodile, cuddle a dingo, drape a python around your neck, stare in to the eyes of an owl or laugh with a kookaburra.

WildlifeXposure provides a high quality educational service that can be tailored to suit any demographic. We focus on ensuring that everyone has an opportunity to learn about, and be exposed to, Australia’s magnificent native wildlife.

Our displays & presentation options include:

  • Outstanding stage performances for both small and large audiences
  • Marquee performances which can include static habitat enclosure displays
  • Roaming wildlife demonstrators to interact with the public delivering wildlife interactions and supporting animal handling activities

We have undertaken presentations at:

  • School fetes
  • Community festivals
  • Planting and environmental
  • Local activity groups
  • Sporting clubs
  • Christmas parties
  • University open days and events
  • Shopping centre holiday activities

We can tailor a WildlifeXposure program to suit any occasion.

How we deliver our quality live wildlifeXposure displays and presentations safely and ethically.

Our animals are bred in captivity, hand-reared and then carefully selected to ensure they can be safely and ethically transported for a wildlife experience. Participants will be gently encouraged and instructed on how to handle the animals with the assistance of our experienced wildlife demonstrators. Our aim is to create a positive and safe experience for both participants and the animals.

WildlifeXposure’s interactive wildlife presentations are delivered by experienced, qualified wildlife handlers and educators. Our programs guarantee that everyone will be included and will have the opportunity to hold, touch, learn and experience wildlife first hand.

We pride ourselves on our ethical treatment of our animals and the work they do as ambassadors for their wild counterparts is extremely important. The wellbeing of our animals is paramount, and we maintain a high level of care and consideration of our animals across all of our presentations.

Our requirements

We are very flexible and will work with you to ensure you get the wildlife experience you desire.

Ideally, we require:

  • A clear flat area accessible by car – ideally our WildlifeXposure van needs to be along side our display at all times for the safety, security and comfort of our animals.
  • An area where we can set up our 4×3 metre marquee

Public presentations for open audiences can be on stage or at any designated location. We supply our own PA system with a headset.

One hour public large audience presentation minimum cost $700+GST

Interactive marquee displays with presentations have a three-hour minimum and maximum of 6 hours. Call or email for a quote.

Depending on expected crowd numbers and time and location of event additional staff maybe required.

Please contact us for a quote and to discuss in more detail the requirements of your event and how we can help deliver a WildlifeXposure experience best suited to your occasion.