For the preps the incursion was the right amount of time, the presenter tried to make it as engaging as possible and for the first 'real' attempt at an incursion, it worked really well.
This incursion was a driver of our HASS unit and would have been exceptional onsite. Although remote the experience was still engaging and easy for students to access. It was a great success
we loved every bit of it! It was excellent!
Brandon pitched the content at the perfect level for this age group. He sensed when it was time to move on to the next animal and was receptive to their comments, reactions and questions.
I would recommend we do this as a future incursion for Prep students.
Thanks you so much again for being so awesome and easy to work with!!

Prep teachers at Northern Bay College, Geelong,

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the interactive programs we received over the past 2 days for our children. Brandon as always is such a wonderful presenter and had us all totally captivated throughout. Seeing the native animals up so close was amazing. We could see such detail.
Keep up the great work

Nadine, Gray Court Preschool,

What an incredible incursion!
We all LOVED it. Teachers as well as students.
We thought Xavier was fantastic. We applaud him for doing 3 sessions in a row. That was huge!
Xavier was extremely engaging, with a wealth of knowledge. The variety of animals was also great.
Ashlee grade 2 teacher Newport Lakes
Here are what some of the kids say about our LIVE ZOO ZOOMS:
Emily- Xavier did great because he was handling those animals so carefully and not letting them get hurt. I think that everyone should try it out. You get to see animals, learn facts and get to have fun with Xavier the animal keeper!
Hassan- The wild life excursion was so fantastic and we got to see so many cool animals.
Minnie- The wildlife incursion host Xavier taught us really brilliant facts about lots of animals around the world. My favourite was the fruit bat. It was so calm!
Edwin- It was so awesome seeing so many Australian animals at once. Thank you!
Layla- Xavier was the BEST! He told us about loads of animals. I loved when the owl flew to the screen and the green frog looked really sticky. 10/10 incursion. Thank you Xavier!

Grade 2 students, Newport Lakes Primary,

Hi Xavier,

Just wanted to thank you for yesterdays presentation at Naranga school.  The students came this morning still buzzing from the experience and can't stop talking about it.  It complimented our unit of study perfectly, it was hands on which is how our students learn best and delivered right at their level of understanding.

Thanks again and hope to see you at Naranga school again in the future.


Anne-Maree Nicholson, Curriculum Leader Naranga School