Hi Xavier,

Just wanted to thank you for yesterdays presentation at Naranga school.  The students came this morning still buzzing from the experience and can't stop talking about it.  It complimented our unit of study perfectly, it was hands on which is how our students learn best and delivered right at their level of understanding.

Thanks again and hope to see you at Naranga school again in the future.


Anne-Maree Nicholson, Curriculum Leader Naranga School

Dear Xavier,

I just wanted to send you an email thanking you for coming out to Kardinia childcare and Kindergarten. It was absolutely wonderful to have you come and teach the children about native Australian animals.

There were many lovely comments given to me from staff members that were passing by listening to the show. Everyone, including myself and the staff in the kinder room, were very impressed at your excellent interactive skills with the children. You sure did make it a very exciting and fun filled incursion. The children were talking about it all day and loved telling their parents when they came to collect them!

Thanks again!

Miranda Pidhaini, Kardinia childcare and Kindergarten

Hi Xavier and Madeline,

I wish to express our appreciation for your recent Native Animals: Jaws, Claws, Scales & Tails presentation. You are professional, engaging and informative and your ability to build a strong rapport with Kindergarten children throughout the duration of the hour is remarkable. The Kindergarten children gained an outstanding educational experience. Thank you. Please see below positive feedback from a parent.

Lisa Cull, Kindergarten Teacher, City Learning & Care Drysdale

Russell had me in stiches tonight telling me all the things he learned today when they had ‘the animal man’ visit Kinder. I’m amazed at how much he remembers and how many of the facts are correct! I overheard him telling his Auntie that there was a bearded dragon but we were not to worry because it wasn’t a real dragon and it didn’t breathe fire. When Russell’s Auntie told him she wanted one, he explained that only ‘bush keepers’ are allowed to own them. Russell was also very impressed by the lizard (stumpy tail) that tricked birds by having a tail that looked like a head. I feel so blessed that my child is so engaged and excited to attend Kinder every day. Thank you.

Jessica Chakir (Russell’s Mum),