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I am extremely excited and privileged to have the opportunity to work with one of my childhood inspirations this weekend. Steve Parish a wildlife and nature photography guru will be running a photography workshop on Saturday in Belgrave. I have been asked to help out by providing some of my native wildlife to be set up and photographed in natural settings.

This collage is a small sample of a few of my own wildlife pics I have taken over the years.

Steve Parish’s photography has educated Australians and others around the world about our unique and beautiful landscapes and the wildlife they support. Growing up as a wildlife enthusiast and visual artist, I aspired to be a wildlife photographer and Steve’s work was a huge motivator and inspiration. His images captured my imagination and his books helped develop my passion skills and knowledge for wildlife.

I still to this day am an avid wildlife photographer taking my camera everywhere attempting to capture and catalog every living thing I see. I have used my camera as a tool to help educate myself and document my explorations collecting an extensive resource of images that I now use. Running a business like WildlifeXposure I’m now lucky to have a platform to showcase my images, knowledge and passion for wildlife with others.

Steve Parish’s website.