What an incredible incursion!
We all LOVED it. Teachers as well as students.
We thought Xavier was fantastic. We applaud him for doing 3 sessions in a row. That was huge!
Xavier was extremely engaging, with a wealth of knowledge. The variety of animals was also great.
Ashlee grade 2 teacher Newport Lakes
Here are what some of the kids say about our LIVE ZOO ZOOMS:
Emily- Xavier did great because he was handling those animals so carefully and not letting them get hurt. I think that everyone should try it out. You get to see animals, learn facts and get to have fun with Xavier the animal keeper!
Hassan- The wild life excursion was so fantastic and we got to see so many cool animals.
Minnie- The wildlife incursion host Xavier taught us really brilliant facts about lots of animals around the world. My favourite was the fruit bat. It was so calm!
Edwin- It was so awesome seeing so many Australian animals at once. Thank you!
Layla- Xavier was the BEST! He told us about loads of animals. I loved when the owl flew to the screen and the green frog looked really sticky. 10/10 incursion. Thank you Xavier!

Grade 2 students, Newport Lakes Primary,