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Khan is one of our beloved Dingo’s he is an ambassador for his species visiting schools and kinders around Melbourne. I hope by exposing others to the Dingo’s unique, intelligent and gentle nature people will become inspired to embrace the Dingo as our native wolf and help value and protect thier existence in the wild.

Dingo’s have been in Australia for around 4000 years and are ingrained in our country’s history. Unfortunately they have been grossly miss represented and miss understood since European settlement.

They play a vital role as Australia’s top land predator, helping control introduced pests such as rabbits, foxes, cats, pigs and even feral dogs. They are an integral part of the ecology of the Australian landscape. Sadly they are now listed as threatened with extinction due to increasing presser on wild populations from baiting, hunting and interbreeding with domestic dogs. Some believe that the pure breed Dingo will be extinct in the wild within the next 20 years.

I believe this would be devastating for our native biodiversity and a sad indictment on Australia’s history. Unfortunately it’s a difficult issue, however I believe as Australians we have an obligation to raise awareness for their plight and develop new management strategies appose to baiting and culling so we can protect and preserve wild population of this iconic Australian native.

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